Tanya Maiboroda is a graphic designer and illustrator specializing in books. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles.

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Select Clients

Penguin Random House, RAND Corporation, Barnes & Noble Books, Andrews McMeel Publishing, Ladybird Books (UK), Oxford University Press, Cricket Magazine, Spider Magazine, Alfred Publishing Co Inc, Los Angeles Times


All Manner of Madness, group show, Century Books

Group Exhibit, Hive Gallery

Tarot 3 group show and Limited Edition Tarot Deck artist, Hive Gallery; Lullabies and Nightmares, group show (co-curator), Hive Gallery; SCBWI-Bologna, selected illustrator for 2012 Illustrator's Gallery

Small Wall Featured Artist, Hive Gallery; Tarot 2, group show, Hive Gallery; Haunted House, group show, Hive Gallery; Circus, Circus, group show, Hive Gallery; Priceless, group show, Hive Gallery

Alice in Wonderland, group show, Hive Gallery; Priceless, group show, Hive Gallery; Eve in the Garden of Lost Angels, group show, Optical Allusion Gallery

Not All Stories Begin Once Upon a Time, Westside Illustrators group show, Chemers Gallery

Once Upon a Summertime, Westside Illustrators group show, Pacific Palisades Library

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